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Naturalisms. Solo exhibition by Maria Fadeeva

Maria Fadeeva (b.1987, Tyumen)

Painter, graphic artist, graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. Lives in Saint Petersburg.

In 2012 organized Hikli art group to create and curate exhibitions of the young artists in Tyumen. In autumn 2012 - summer 2013 traveled through Russia, Ukraine and India making sketches and etudes. In 2014 Maria worked in St. Petersburg Art Residency on her Light gap project and made a solo exhibition at the 2, 04 Gallery / Pushkinskaya 10 art-centre. In autumn 2015 Maria spent a month in the Karelian Art Residency working on her Inde project and exploring the encounters of the Finno-Ugric and Russian culture in Karelia.

Maria Fadeeva is an outstanding example of new Russian artists generation that have, on the one hand, big professional experience and skills which come from the classic Soviet art and thus raised up on the very academic art ground and then, from the other hand, avoided political pressure and control from the government. It allowed this new generation to be more involved in the world artistic processes and to introduce experience and philosophy of other art-practices to Russian sociocultural context.

Maria is a talented and mobile artist. For her it is very important to explore new subjects, techniques, technologies and try on new different social roles or interdisciplinary field of art and science which she enters with painstaking and meticulous work on actual themes and subjects.

Marias art pieces show her great abilities and opportunities in graphics, natural pure taste, and high work efficiency. All this allows her to improve her skills and to aspire to artistic excellence of the visual language.

Petrozavodsk inhabitants could get acquainted with Marias art in February 2016 when she presented a series of graphic works entitled Wood in the Simple Stories young artists exhibition at the Vyhod Media Centre. Her works received positive feedback from the art specialists and ordinary visitors. The wood structure is reflected masterly and gracefully. A fine pencil, a velvet hatch, noticed one of impressed visitors.

Naturalisms exhibition unites Marias new art works, somehow continuing this nature thematic. Maria on her new exhibition:

Naturalisms are nature phenomena, taken from forests, drawn, seen and imagined. Piece by piece, somewhere deep inside, they create an image, inseparably bound with nature. Then to these images human means of expression are added thoughts, materials, texts.

The basis of the exposition is a series of graphic works. From the one hand, it is documentation of well-known objects of nature, from the other hand they are made up and constructed kinds of plants, birds, animals and stones. All objects are transformed in new and something non-existent is added. As a result newly created naturalisms, new kinds of life forms emerge.

Sergey Terentyev 

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